Dr. Suzanne Marlowe Minarcine is a wife, mother, grandmother, community leader, musician, nurse, retired airline pilot, strategist, artist, and founding partner of Business By Design. She is co-founder of two non-profit organizations that are active in 28 countries.

Suzanne has a broad background and is a dynamic speaker who focuses on helping people live authentic lives and achieve their goals. She is a certified coach, leader, and speaker with expertise in women’s issues, leadership development, cultural sensitivity, and business development. Dr. Minarcine is an active writer, and is a John C. Maxwell certified coach, speaker, and leader.

Coauthoring through Professional Woman Publishing:

  • The Self-Esteem Guide for Women.
  • Tapping Into Your Inner Vision.
  • The Woman’s Book of Empowerment & Confidence – Volume II
  • The Female Architect:  Rebuilding Your Life
  • The Professional Woman:  Business and Communications

Presentations and Workshops:

  • Overcome the Fear and Do It ANYWAY!
  • Moving Beyond Surviving: Thriving After Trauma
  • Yes, That IS What I Said!
  • Conscious Leadership: Building a Legacy
  • Becoming Your Authentic Self
  • Successful Fundraising: Developing and Nurturing your Donors
  • Unfinished Work: Race, Civility, and Equality of Opportunity
  • From Diversity Training to Cultural Competency: Creating a Community of Inclusion
  • Strategies for Survival: Performing Arts in the 21st Century
  • Adventures in Blending Families
  • Creative Leadership: Navigating Leadership in an Islamic, Patriarchal Society



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dana Childs: Intuitive

    I love everything you’re about! And I love the post from Aug. 20th about your dad. So moving. This line: “I’m just not ready.” sigh… My heart goes out to you. Hugging you through the computer. You are a rockstar of a woman. Truly.



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